Vintage Audio Schematics


Vintage Audio Schematics

Welcome to the new Furball Audio Vintage Audio Schematics page.

We've updated and grown the schematics list, most of the stuff that was missing is now present and everything is now FREE, we've removed the schematics and manuals from the store and published them for general availability. We'd like to encourage a wider dissemination of technical knowledge in the music biz and we'll gladly do anything we can to help raise the bar.

Below is a list of some of the schematics you'll find on oue site, the list is only partial and there's a lot more great stuff here. You can download these schematics for free, we do ask that you register on our site first, it won't cost you a penny and all we ask is your e-mail address so we can let you know when new products and services are available. To all those who helped support our site during the formative years, both spiritually and financially, a heartfelt thank you for your encouragement and generosity. We hope we're bringing you something useful and we look forward to becoming an established presence in this corner of the audio world.

Here's a partial list of what you'll find on the new vintage audio page:

Acoustic 360 and Acoustic 370 User Manuals and Complete Schematic Set

ADM 780 and ADM 1540 Schematics

AKG C-61 Tube Mic User Manual and Schematic

API 312 Mic Preamp Schematics, Brochures, Pinouts, and Transformer Information
API 525 Compressor Schematics and Factory Test Procedure
API 550A EQ Schematics

Bryston 3B/4B/6B/7B/9B/10B/38B Schematics

CBS Volumax Schematics

DBX 160 Schematics, User Manual, and Factory Service Manual
DBX 161 Schematics
DBX 163 Schematics, User Manual, and Factory Test Procedure
DBX 165 Schematic Set, User Manual, and Board Layout
DBX 165A Schematic Set and Board Layout

Fairchild 660 Schematic Set
Fairchild 670 Schematic Set and User Manual

Gates Sta-Level Schematic

Grommes 101a, 211, 215, 216-ba, 230-ba, and 260 Schematics

Langevin AM4A User Manual and Schematic Set

Neumann - M49, U47, U87, CMV-563, and many more!

Neve 1073 Full Manual and Schematic Set
Neve 1081 Preamp Schematic
Neve 1272 Boards and Schematics
Neve 1290 Schematics and Blueprints
Neve 2254 Compressor Complete Manual with Schematics
Neve 2257 Noise Gate Complete Manual with Schematics
Neve 34128 Channel Strip Complete Schematic Set
Neve 10880, 10884, and 10885 Schematic Sets
Neve 1081 Preamp Schematic
Neve 3405 Schematic and Block Diagram
Neve 3415 Schematic and Pinout

Orban 111b Schematic Set
Orban 642 Schematic Set and Block Diagram
Orban 672a Schematic

Pultec EQP-1A Complete Schematic Set and Manual

Quad Eight AM-10 Discrete Op Amp

RCA BA-3c, BA-4c, BA-6a, BA-21a, BA-23a, BA-24a Schematics RCA OP-6 and OP-7 Schematics
RCA Tube Limiter Schematics
RCA OTL Amplifier Schematics

Universal Audio BL-40 Limiter Schematics
Universal Audio 175a, 176a and 177 Schematics

Urei 527a Manual and Schematics
Urei 537 and 545 Schematics
Urei 1108 Mic Preamp Schematics and Manual
Urei 1109 Mic Preamp Schematics
Urei 1176 Schematics and Manuals - ALL Versions and Revisions
Urei LA-2A Compressor/Limiter Schematics and Manuals
Urei LA-3A Schematics and Manual
Urei LA-4A Schematics and Manual

UTC Transformer Data Sheets

Valley Sound Model 400 Schematics

Ward-Beck Systems 462, 466, 470, and 472 Schematics and Manuals

Western Electric WE-86a, WE-87a, and WE-142a Schematics

And more.... much more.....

You do know, that the entire RCA tube manual is available online, including all the great schematics and projects in the back?

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